Transforming Your Patio Room Addition into the Ultimate Man Cave

The Ultimate Man Cave

Transforming Your Patio Room Addition into the Ultimate Man Cave

The best sunroom addition in Pittsburgh, PAAutumn in Western Pennsylvania is just around the corner, and before we know it we’ll be spending time chilling out on the couch as outdoor temperatures begin to drop. If you’re counting down the days until the first kickoff, the good news is that there is still time to transform your patio room addition into the ultimate man cave—or even plan to build your new glass enclosure room for the upcoming season.

When it comes to creating a man cave out of your patio room addition, there are several elements that you just can’t leave out. Here are the top tips for transforming your glass enclosure room into a place to spend time with friends, chow down on pizza, and kick back to watch the game.

Patio Room Man Cave: Consider Square Footage

If you’re thinking about building a patio room addition in your Western Pennsylvania home, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is square footage. Man caves are a place to gather with friends, and it’s important to have ample space to spread out.

While your new man cave glass enclosure room shouldn’t overpower your house, it’s smart to make build it close to the size of a small living room. This helps to ensure you can fit a couch and chair in the space, or even a sectional.

Find Your Favorite Style

Your patio room man cave provides a great spot to watch the game, but it can also complement the architecture of your home. There are several styles to consider that can make your man cave the favorite spot of your house, and those styles include:

Gabel style rooms: This style offers view of the outdoors and it’s design to match the lines of your roof. Its cedar beam adds warmth to any room—and wood features are always a fantastic addition for any man cave.
Studio style rooms: The studio style room is the most affordable way to add a patio room enclosure man cave to your home. It can be built from the overhang of your home’s existing roof. This room can also feature insulated glass so you can enjoy the space throughout the year.

Conservatory rooms: This is a high-end option for any man cave glass enclosure room. It’s designed with your choice of high performance insulated tempered glass or an opaque polycarbonate panel. You can choose from a Victorian or Georgian design and even add decorative corners, ridge crests, and finials.

Keep it Cozy and Comfortable

Aside from comfortable furniture, another consideration for your new man cave is temperature. A patio room addition in Western Pennsylvania allows you to watch the game while feeling like your outdoors—without feeling the discomfort of frigid air.

In order to keep your man cave comfortable, you’ll want to consider energy efficient glass packages. This typically entails a combination of energy-saving gases such as argon and krypton gas. These gases are inserted between the panes during manufacturing and keep your man cave at a consistent indoor temperature.

The best route is to build your new glass enclosure room with materials that are certified by Energy Star. This certifies that your new patio enclosure will feel comfortable all throughout the seasons.

Upgrade to the Ultimate Man Cave with Pro Sunrooms

Pro Sunrooms is the go-to source for patio addition rooms in Western Pennsylvania. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can design your ideal man cave.

3 Reasons Why an All Season Room is the Best Autumn Home Addition

The Best Home Addition Ideas

Are you looking to upgrade the exterior of your home in the upcoming months? While there are numerous upgrades to choose from, a sunroom addition in Western Pennsylvania is one of the best investments that you can make this fall. Instead of opting for a new entry door or vinyl siding, here is why you should choose an all season room to enhance your home:

1. Enjoy the Scenery in the Comfort of Your Home

Autumn in Western Pennsylvania is spectacularly colorful and beautiful. A simple drive down a country road can turn into a scenic route in the fall—but what if you could enjoy the colors of fall from the comfort of your own home?

All season rooms and patio room additions in Western Pennsylvania can give a 360-degree view of the outdoors. This is especially the case if you choose our Solarium Sunrooms, which gives a seemingly limitless view of the sky and scenery that surrounds your home.

2. You’ll Stay Warm During the Dreariest Fall Days

While autumn is certainly beautiful, Western Pennsylvania can also experience dreary fall days. The good news is that you don’t have to move indoors when the weather turns cold—and it’s all thanks to our insulated glass technology.

Insulated glass is the secret behind keeping your glass enclosure room comfortable throughout the years. The glass is designed with energy-efficient gasses such as argon or krypton between the panes. This maximizes the insulating power of the glass, which ensures that you can enjoy your patio room all year long.

3. Selling Your Home Next Spring? Enjoy a Good Return on Investment

If you’re concerned about the return on investment with your new patio room in Western Pennsylvania, we have good news for you. Some real estate experts claim that all season rooms have an ROI of up to 80%, although studies suggest that the average is about 60%. However, keep in mind that your ROI will greatly depend on the quality of your all season room.

Adding a four season room can give you a leg up in terms of selling your home. It adds a new level of character along with extra square footage—which most buyers are excited to snap up.

Design Your Custom Patio Room with Pro Sunrooms

Whether you’re selling your home or you simply want to upgrade your space, Pro Sunroom is the go-to source for premium patio rooms in Western Pennsylvania. When you’re ready to move forward with your new sunroom addition, get in touch with us today to get started.

How to Boost Your Health and Happiness with Sunrooms

Boosting Your Health and Happiness with Sunrooms in Western Pennsylvania

sunrooms in western paImagine a home addition so powerful that it can literally make you feel healthier and happier. With sunrooms for your home in Western Pennsylvania, this concept isn’t far from the truth. We all know that sunrooms can help make your home look more beautiful, increase your square footage, and even increase the value of your home—but there are benefits to sunrooms that go beyond the aesthetics.

One of the biggest benefits of sunrooms is the incredible amount of natural light that they filter into your home. Sunlight is one of nature’s resources for improving your health, and there’s not much that you need to do other than soak it in. Here are a few ways that sunrooms in Western Pennsylvania can help improve your health and happiness with natural light:

Natural Light in your Sunroom Can Help Reduce Depression

Serotonin is a chemical in your brain that helps nervous system cells communicate with each other. Studies have shown that low amounts of serotonin in the brain can increase the likelihood of depression, and one of the reasons behind low serotonin levels can be lack of access to sunlight. This is especially the case during the winter months, and it’s no secret that getting outside during the winter in Pennsylvania can be tough.

Luckily, sunrooms give you the ability to increase serotonin in your brain without stepping foot outside. Sunrooms allow homeowners to bask in sunlight in the comfort of their own homes, helping you feel happier without much effort at all.

Sunrooms Help You Get an Extra Vitamin D

Did you know that sitting in the sunlight for 5-to-15 minutes at 2-3 times per week can help you get the most benefits out of vitamin D? It’s true. This means that you can sit and spend time with your family in your sunroom while getting your daily dose of vitamin D.

Vitamin D offers a variety of benefits for your health. It helps build stronger bones, reduces risk of disease, and regulates calcium levels.

Natural Sunlight Can Help Combat Skin Disorders

A lesser-known fact about natural light is that it can help fight against a number of skin disorders, such as eczema and fungal infections. However, this is an area where you want to be careful and not overdo it, since too much sunlight can result in melanoma.

Sunrooms can Help Prevent Diabetes

The sunlight that makes its way into your home through your sunroom can also help prevent diabetes. This is linked as a direct benefit of vitamin D, where a Finnish study indicated that young adults who were given higher amounts of vitamin D were 80 percent less likely to prevent diabetes.

Enhance Your Life with Sunrooms from Pro Sunroom

If you’re looking for a natural way to feel healthier and happier, consider sunrooms in Western Pennsylvania as your next home addition. To learn more or to request an estimate, contact us at 1-800-SUNROOM.

What Home Additions Will Enhance Your Home in Western PA?

There are a variety of home improvement options and upgrades on the market today to enhance the quality of your home. One of the best options are new home additions in Western PA—they are beautiful, functional, and you can enjoy them for years to come.

However, not all home additions in Western PA are created equal. When you decide to upgrade your home with a new addition, Four Seasons Plus will enhance your home in the following ways:

  • Four Seasons Plus and other all seasons rooms from Pro Sunrooms are engineered with quality craftsmanship in mind. While other home additions contractors in western PA cut corners on details, we focus on providing the very best quality home additions on the market.
  • Your new Four Seasons Plus room will look as if it was originally built onto your home. Poor quality additions look like a second thought and can actually impact the value of your home—and not in a positive way.
  • All seasons rooms and other home additions will also increase the energy efficiency of your home. Pro Sunroom uses top-of-the-line products for our home additions, and we ensure that homeowners will keep extra energy dollars in their bank accounts.
  • This is achieved by installing high quality windows that are engineered with energy-saving features. Some of these features may include two panes of glass, otherwise known as dual pane windows, and even energy saving gasses such as argon and krypton between the panes.
  • A new addition will also transform the curb appeal of your home and serve as a showcase in your neighborhood, all while remaining functional for your family.

Learn how home additions in Western PA can enhance the quality of your home with Pro Sunroom. Call us today for your consultation at 1-800-SUN ROOM.

Pittsburgh Sunroom Contractors Will Be at Home & Garden Show

Our team of experienced and certified sunroom contractors will be at the Duquesne Light Home & Garden Show on March 4-13! Find us at the Pittsburgh Convention Center with a live model of a 4 Season PLUS Sunroom. We will be the ones garbed in green talking about the benefits of hiring a sunroom contractor to add light to your Pittsburgh home. Make sure to ask us about our 3D Renderings that bring your dream sunroom to life with a few clicks of the mouse. See you at the Duquesne Light Home & Garden Show!

sunroom contractors Pittsburgh



Located in North Hills, Pro Home & Sunroom are your #1 professional team of sunroom contractors in Pittsburgh, PA. We know the importance of building the sunroom of your dreams – so we bring it to life for you! From matching the colors of your walls to installing electrical wires for heat in the water, we do it all. Speak with an experienced sunroom contractor in Pittsburgh today.


Your Pittsburgh Home Addition is Really a Remodel

A recent article from HGTV discusses why an addition doesn’t just make your home larger – it also reconfigures your entire home to work for you.

Cranberry, PA four season PLUS sunroom by Pro Sunroom

You have always wanted a big room full of windows that attract natural light. This room has been your dream home-office, dining room, family living room, or a gorgeous, well-lit master bedroom. Adding a home addition to your Pittsburgh home can be scary. Construction projects are indeed stressful and messy, but ultimately, they are worth it in the end. You finally get the room you’ve been dreaming about for years.

The HGTV article recalls that “adding on requires remodeling,” and it’s true. Expanding your master bedroom requires making moderate changes to the existing home to provide access to the room, as well as connecting the structure and utilities to the house.

If your dream home addition is to have a well heated, beautifully lit room to spend time in, make time to meet with one of our sunroom professionals.

How to Keep Your North Hills Home Healthy in 2016

With the most common New Year’s Resolution being to “get healthy,”it brings one question to mind –how does one get healthy, and stay healthy all year long? Would you believe that along with changing eating and lifestyle habits, healthy measures should be made throughout the home? With the Pittsburgh winters being what they are, there are some perfect days to stay home and get this kind of precautionary work done.

So take out your pen and pencil, and follow these steps to ensuring a healthy and happy North Hills home in 2016:

  1. Create a home maintenance and repair budget. According to financial pros, peo0ple spend about 1-4% of the home’s value annually on repairs and maintenance. With this being said, wouldn’t it be in you (and your home’s) best interest to be financially ready when chaos breaks loose? You don’t want to be left in the cold of a Pittsburgh winter when your hot water heater leaks.
  2. Make a daily/weekly cleaning chart. Maybe you already have a day where you throw your laundry into the washer, and scrub down your bathroom, but there are only so many hours in the day. What if on Monday, you scrubbed your windows and cleaned the kitchen,but on Tuesday you focused on wiping the baseboards of the familyroom? While every day you focused on laundry, cleaning dishes, and quick pick-ups? These are all ways to keep your home healthy and happy every single day.weekly chore chart
  3. Schedule a furnace tune-up. Instead of waiting until something happens to your furnace, get it checked out as soon as you can. You can save hundreds of dollars simply by nipping any problems in the bud early on. If something happens to it in the winter,you win up spending more on rush-service, and manual hours than if you had just gotten it looked it a few months prior.
  4. Beginning planning home renovations for summer 2016. That includes home additions like four-season sunrooms. Call a contractor sooner ratherthan later to begin budgeting. Having a sunroom enables a way to get vitamin D even during the cold off-season. This not only helps keep the home healthy and happy, but it keeps you in mint-condition as well!

These are just a few ways to keep your home clean and healthy in 2016. What other Healthy Resolutions would you add to this list?

A Warm Pittsburgh Winter Allows More Time for Sunroom Additions

The weather in Pittsburgh doesn’t seem to be getting any colder. In fact, according to a prediction from Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla of Pittsburgh KDKA, a CBS affiliate, the city will face a winter with milder temperatures and a less plentiful snowfall than recent winters.

Pittsburgh lack of snowfall calls for a sunroom installation

Photo Credit: KDKA

An excerpt from a KDKA report published on October 29, 2015 states:

Jeff predicts temperatures will be higher than normal from November through January.

February will be the coldest month of the winter with temperatures averaging 29.7 degrees, which is below normal.

Jeff says March will return to above normal temperatures and the possibility of an early spring.

Averaging it all out, Jeff predicts winter temperatures will be 1.5 degrees above normal.

Read more here.

Although snowfall is set to occur in late December, it is supposed to be the lowest snowfall season that Pittsburgh has seen in 10 years.

With this in mind, it expands the timeline of projects that normally have to wait until the spring to be done. For instance, now just may be the time to meet with our designer at Pro Home & Sunroom and plan out your ideal home addition.

We have noticed a huge increase in the 4 Season PLUS sunrooms, which essentially play the part of a new room of your house with large windows. Use this extra room for a home office, or install a fireplace and watch the snow fall (when it finally hits Pittsburgh!) from the comfort of your family room or bedroom.

Fire Places in All Season Sunrooms, Pittsburgh

This is the perfect time of year to give us a call!

Talk to one of our qualified sunroom specialists about installing a sunroom, and enjoy this warm winter from your four season PLUS room!

Contact Pro Home & Sunroom and book an appointment today.

Why Add a Sunroom in the Winter?

As mentioned in this Home Advisor article, it doesn’t hurt to remodel during a sunroom contractor’s “off-season.” In fact, you just might find that a sunroom addition in the winter season is more advantageous than in the busy seasons of spring and summer.

Know When to Remodel: Understanding Supply and Demand

All season sunroom Pittsburgh

Much like buying your winter clothes in the summer, and your Halloween candy the day after Halloween, building materials cost much less when they are not in “high” demand. Home Advisor mentions that by planning your home project well in advance, you may be able to “accrue materials when they are at their cheapest, and can simply store them until you’re ready to begin working.”

Understanding the supply and demand of these products can help you determine the right time to add a 4-season PLUS sunroom to your home, even in the midst of a Pittsburgh winter.


Contractors’ Busy Times Are Not the Best Time to Remodel

If you’ve ever sat in traffic during a notorious Pittsburgh rush-hour, you are well aware that there are certain times of the day when things just work better. Much like deciding to go on a paper towel run to Walmart on the afternoon of Black Friday, the busiest times aren’t necessarily the most convenient times for any of the parties involved. According to Home Advisor, knowing when to remodel is not just about material cost but about contractor availability, too. On top of that, sunroom contractors have busy seasons where they are turning away work and times of the year when they can’t find enough. Take the time to reach out to these contractors the second building a sunroom crosses your mind. You may find that you’ve reached out at the most opportune time.


When to Remodel: Season By SeasonSunroom additions in the winter

Cost of materials and contractors’ busy seasons are large factors when deciding when to remodel. But the most important thing to take into consideration is your enjoyment. If you don’t get to build your sunroom until mid-summer, you won’t have as much time to enjoy it. If you build in the winter time, your sunroom will be ready for summer weather by the first 70 degree afternoon.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to drop a line to your North Hills sunroom contractor at any time. If you’re thinking about adding another room to your home to enjoy in the dead of winter or the heat of the summer, call Pro Home & Sunroom. Request your free estimate today!

Pittsburgh is the Perfect Market for Sunrooms

Pittsburgh is beautiful – from its grand architecture to its lively and large neighborhoods. How can you enjoy the beauty of Pittsburgh more from the comfort of your own home? Installing a sunroom. Sure, it sounds a little crazy that the best way to make the most of your city, is by never leaving your front door. However, hiring a sunroom contractor to add light and space to your home is a great way to enjoy the city’s skyline and weather, without hitting the infamous Pittsburgh traffic.

Why is Pittsburgh the perfect market for sunroom additions?

Pittsburgh has all four seasons.

About Pittsburgh's Best Sunroom ContractorThe warmth of summer, the beautiful changing leaves of fall, the snowy days of winter, and the crisp air of spring can all be found in Pittsburgh. If you have a deck or patio slab, or even just a beautiful backyard you wish could spend more time in during the off season, why not invest in a sunroom addition? You can enjoy the natural light of all four seasons, in the temperature that you have set for the room itself.

4 Season PLUS sunrooms require fully insulated windows, doors and walls. The rooms are fully code compliant to be open to the rest of your home. Enjoy your Pittsburgh skyline from your home office, your living room, or your dining room. Entertain your winter guests in the comfort of an open room with a fireplace. Take in the Pittsburgh sunset without ever leaving your home

Pittsburgh has beautiful neighborhoods.



It’s true. Pittsburgh has some of the most beautiful neighborhoods. In fact, Pittsburgh was recently featured in Great American Country. From Highland Park to Squirrel Hill, to the beautiful and big homes of the North Hills, Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods hold great potential for home additions. With a sunroom addition, you can enjoy your neighborhood more without leaving the house.

And if the neighborhoods aren’t enough of a selling point, sunrooms add value to your home. There’s little doubt that a four seasons sunroom, conservatory or patio enclosure will add value to your home. They’re built to last and come in a range of designs so you can choose the perfect addition to complement your home’s architectural style.

Pittsburgh gets great lighting

Pro Sunroom - Summer RoomOkay, so maybe there are times that the sun isn’t necessarily the brightest in Pittsburgh, but we do get natural light. A lot of it. Even in the winter times. Studies show that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can occur from a Vitamin D deficiency. Since it’s hard to get out in the winter time, it can be easy to adapt this order.  Fortunately, there are ways to nip SAD in the bud before you ever contract it.

Allowing natural light enter your entire home provides more Vitamin D than a window or sun roof would. You can spend hours in your sunroom, without even realizing you were doing something great for yourself. Even in the quiet stillness of winter, the light reflecting off of the snow affords a sunny day, without dealing with the bitter temperature.

If you are thinking about adding a sunroom to your home, don’t wait. Pro Home & Sunroom in North Hills can get you started on your dream sunroom today!