Pittsburgh is the Perfect Market for Sunrooms

Pittsburgh is beautiful – from its grand architecture to its lively and large neighborhoods. How can you enjoy the beauty of Pittsburgh more from the comfort of your own home? Installing a sunroom. Sure, it sounds a little crazy that the best way to make the most of your city, is by never leaving your front door. However, hiring a sunroom contractor to add light and space to your home is a great way to enjoy the city’s skyline and weather, without hitting the infamous Pittsburgh traffic.

Why is Pittsburgh the perfect market for sunroom additions?

Pittsburgh has all four seasons.

About Pittsburgh's Best Sunroom ContractorThe warmth of summer, the beautiful changing leaves of fall, the snowy days of winter, and the crisp air of spring can all be found in Pittsburgh. If you have a deck or patio slab, or even just a beautiful backyard you wish could spend more time in during the off season, why not invest in a sunroom addition? You can enjoy the natural light of all four seasons, in the temperature that you have set for the room itself.

4 Season PLUS sunrooms require fully insulated windows, doors and walls. The rooms are fully code compliant to be open to the rest of your home. Enjoy your Pittsburgh skyline from your home office, your living room, or your dining room. Entertain your winter guests in the comfort of an open room with a fireplace. Take in the Pittsburgh sunset without ever leaving your home

Pittsburgh has beautiful neighborhoods.



It’s true. Pittsburgh has some of the most beautiful neighborhoods. In fact, Pittsburgh was recently featured in Great American Country. From Highland Park to Squirrel Hill, to the beautiful and big homes of the North Hills, Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods hold great potential for home additions. With a sunroom addition, you can enjoy your neighborhood more without leaving the house.

And if the neighborhoods aren’t enough of a selling point, sunrooms add value to your home. There’s little doubt that a four seasons sunroom, conservatory or patio enclosure will add value to your home. They’re built to last and come in a range of designs so you can choose the perfect addition to complement your home’s architectural style.

Pittsburgh gets great lighting

Pro Sunroom - Summer RoomOkay, so maybe there are times that the sun isn’t necessarily the brightest in Pittsburgh, but we do get natural light. A lot of it. Even in the winter times. Studies show that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can occur from a Vitamin D deficiency. Since it’s hard to get out in the winter time, it can be easy to adapt this order.  Fortunately, there are ways to nip SAD in the bud before you ever contract it.

Allowing natural light enter your entire home provides more Vitamin D than a window or sun roof would. You can spend hours in your sunroom, without even realizing you were doing something great for yourself. Even in the quiet stillness of winter, the light reflecting off of the snow affords a sunny day, without dealing with the bitter temperature.

If you are thinking about adding a sunroom to your home, don’t wait. Pro Home & Sunroom in North Hills can get you started on your dream sunroom today!

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