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Pro Home & Sunroom owners say they spend more time in their sunrooms than anywhere else in their home. How can your room become the place for family gatherings, dinners, entertaining and more?

Cold weather and a lack of natural light make winter a difficult season for many people. Our sunrooms can help chase away the winter blues. With a gable style sunroom, you can spend your days getting much needed sunshine.

What is a Gable Style Sunroom?

  • A gable style room affords views of the outdoors and can be designed to match your home’s roof lines.
  • An insulated gable style roof features 6” extruded fascia and integral gutters for strength that blend with the architectural appearance of your home.
  • A cedar beam adds warmth, style and luxury not found in other sunroom designs.
  • The beam can be pre-wired for installation of a ceiling fan, track lighting and an outdoor light fixture.
  • The gable style roof is a patented, pre-finished structural insulated roof system featuring a cathedral style ceiling.
  • The gable style roof can be designed with insulated skylights in a fixed or operational design.

The walls on a gable style room can be screen, vertical vinyl 4-track, single pane glass or acrylic, or high-performance insulated glass, and can have clear or tinted transoms above for expanded outdoor views and additional light.

Are you ready to add a gable style sunroom onto your home? Let’s start now!