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Pro Sunroom - Solariums for Summer Comfort

A solarium style room from Pro Home & Sunroom gives you unlimited views of your North Hills sky, day or night. With today’s new glass technology, the summer sunlight can be enjoyed without the worry of added heat.

The special high-performance glass or polycarbonate of a solarium is perfect for plants, bringing the outdoors inside. Make your patio or deck the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

What Is a Solarium Style Sunroom?

  • The special high-performance insulated glass blocks more than 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, making the room efficient even in the dead of winter.
  • Pro Home & Sunroom solarium designs are available in straight style and graceful curved eave designs with painted aluminum, or the warmth of real oak wood on the interior.
  • The curve style solarium is manufactured in standard bay sizes, and the straight style solarium is custom manufactured, giving you unlimited size options!
  • The solarium roof can be designed with your choice of high-performance insulated glass or an insulated opaque polycarbonate.. The straight-style solarium roof, available in single slope or gable design, can be installed on top of any Pro Home & Sunroom wall system.

A solarium style wall system from Pro Home & Sunroom are available in screen, vertical vinyl 4-track, single pane glass or acrylic and high-performance insulated glass.

Ready to add a solarium style sunroom to your home? Let’s get started!