Transforming Your Patio Room Addition into the Ultimate Man Cave

The Ultimate Man Cave

Transforming Your Patio Room Addition into the Ultimate Man Cave

The best sunroom addition in Pittsburgh, PAAutumn in Western Pennsylvania is just around the corner, and before we know it we’ll be spending time chilling out on the couch as outdoor temperatures begin to drop. If you’re counting down the days until the first kickoff, the good news is that there is still time to transform your patio room addition into the ultimate man cave—or even plan to build your new glass enclosure room for the upcoming season.

When it comes to creating a man cave out of your patio room addition, there are several elements that you just can’t leave out. Here are the top tips for transforming your glass enclosure room into a place to spend time with friends, chow down on pizza, and kick back to watch the game.

Patio Room Man Cave: Consider Square Footage

If you’re thinking about building a patio room addition in your Western Pennsylvania home, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is square footage. Man caves are a place to gather with friends, and it’s important to have ample space to spread out.

While your new man cave glass enclosure room shouldn’t overpower your house, it’s smart to make build it close to the size of a small living room. This helps to ensure you can fit a couch and chair in the space, or even a sectional.

Find Your Favorite Style

Your patio room man cave provides a great spot to watch the game, but it can also complement the architecture of your home. There are several styles to consider that can make your man cave the favorite spot of your house, and those styles include:

Gabel style rooms: This style offers view of the outdoors and it’s design to match the lines of your roof. Its cedar beam adds warmth to any room—and wood features are always a fantastic addition for any man cave.
Studio style rooms: The studio style room is the most affordable way to add a patio room enclosure man cave to your home. It can be built from the overhang of your home’s existing roof. This room can also feature insulated glass so you can enjoy the space throughout the year.

Conservatory rooms: This is a high-end option for any man cave glass enclosure room. It’s designed with your choice of high performance insulated tempered glass or an opaque polycarbonate panel. You can choose from a Victorian or Georgian design and even add decorative corners, ridge crests, and finials.

Keep it Cozy and Comfortable

Aside from comfortable furniture, another consideration for your new man cave is temperature. A patio room addition in Western Pennsylvania allows you to watch the game while feeling like your outdoors—without feeling the discomfort of frigid air.

In order to keep your man cave comfortable, you’ll want to consider energy efficient glass packages. This typically entails a combination of energy-saving gases such as argon and krypton gas. These gases are inserted between the panes during manufacturing and keep your man cave at a consistent indoor temperature.

The best route is to build your new glass enclosure room with materials that are certified by Energy Star. This certifies that your new patio enclosure will feel comfortable all throughout the seasons.

Upgrade to the Ultimate Man Cave with Pro Sunrooms

Pro Sunrooms is the go-to source for patio addition rooms in Western Pennsylvania. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can design your ideal man cave.

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